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Are Digital Learning Service courses recognized in the industry?

All our courses have been developed by trained professionals, in accordance with Canadian Safety Standards, in order to provide the participant with the necessary knowledge in hazards and safe workplace environments. These courses are developed to meet and exceed the OHS Standards as well as the latest CSA Standards, therefore, they are recognized by OHS and Worker Compensation Boards.

Can I take a course from a mobile device?

Yes. Our courses are cross device compatible meaning not only you can take a course from a mobile or tablet device, but you can also start the course on a device, pause and resume on a different one.

Will my progress be saved if I disconnect/log out midsession?

Yes. Our learning system will leave a bookmark on the slide/module from which you left the session so you can always relaunch the course and resume from where you left.

Can I download Digital Learning Services course material ?

Yes. All course material will be emailed and shipped to the individual students. 

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